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Saratoga Center for the Family offers a wide range of services focusing on mental health, anger management, parenting programs, child custody stress prevention programs, keeping children safe, physical and sexual abuse, behavioral interventions and attention disorders, and child advocacy.


Our Mental health counseling program focuses on healing the effects of abuse and violence, but also includes counseling for family dysfunction, depression, anxiety, behavioral programs, anger and emotional issues related to ADHD and other learning challenges. Clients are seen in individual, family, and group treatment by skilled and dedicated professionals possessing years of experience and expertise in abuse, trauma, and family dysfunction.

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The Child Advocacy Center is a central, child-friendly location in which a comprehensive coordinated approach is taken in response to allegations to child abuse.The center provide a warm, caring environment that places the child's needs first and provide one location to interview, examine and counsel abused children while preparing for prosecution of child abuse cases. Child Advocacy Center Services include: Pediatric Forensic Medical Exams Victims Advocacy Counseling Services

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Prevention programs are designed to strengthen, educate and empower participants on how to keep safe and maintain healthy lifestyles. Programs are delivered through parenting groups, family programs, children's groups and school based prevention programs. Parenting Programs Anger Management Child Custody Stress Prevention Program Educating and Empowering Children to Stay Safe

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