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Yoga is a practice that is designed to develop and integrate every aspect of an individual: physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual. It also has medicinal properties. Yoga can be a powerful tool in reducing stress, enhancing mindfulness/awareness, improving inner resilience, strength, flexibility, and revitalizing energy and mood.

I have created these videos to support anyone who is struggling with overwhelming feelings during this extraordinary time of stress and uncertainty. You can use them together in a series, or by themselves, to take time for yourself, and be supported in order to destress.

The videos are for EVERYONE, even if you have never taken a yoga or meditation class and can be useful for a seasoned practitioner who wants the extra support.

My hope is that these videos support you in reducing stress and finding calm and peace during these demanding times.  

The series includes:

Deep Relaxation 

Simple Meditation 

      Directed Meditation  exercise to identify feelings and either enhance that feeling or change it to a more positive feeling.



Vicki.jpgAbout Vicki Braunstein: Saratoga Center for the Family Clinical Therapist Vicki Braunstein, LCSW has worked with children and adult survivors of trauma providing both individual and family therapy.

Vicki received her Bachelor's degree in Fine and Applied Art with a concentration in three dimensional design from Curry College and The Museum of Fine Art in Boston, MA. She also obtained a MFA in Dance from Temple University in Philadelphia and MSW from SUNY Albany, School of Social Welfare in Albany, New York.  

Vicki is passionate about supporting people who want to tap into their own inner resilience and strengths to access their personal power to transform and heal from the inside out.