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The Community & Mental Wellness Coffee Chat
Webinar Series: Session One 

Collective Trauma: We are all in this together

Grab your coffee and your computer (or phone) and join the mental health professionals at Saratoga Center for the Family for a series of webinars addressing community & mental wellness during the current COVID-19 health crisis. 

Saratoga Center for the Family's Therapist & Clinical Director Megan Heeder-Megan, LMHC & Community Educator David Covey will be discussing Collective Trauma, how the global pandemic is effecting all of us, and strategies for how to manage during this difficult and uncertain time. 


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The Mighty Mindset -

EP. THREE- Collective Trauma: Feel It & Heal It.

Your host Ari brings on a very special guest, Grace Ashline, to talk about a topic that is effecting us all.

Grace is a Professor, Writer, Social Worker and has over 20 years of experience in the Human Services field.

In this episode we talk about ‘collective trauma’ and it’s transfer to what Grace refers to as ‘collective humanity’.…